Pumpkin Home Cuisine
pumpkin puree
olive oil
common edible salt
natural food additive rosemary extract (antioxidant).
Expiry date is 12 months
Product of the "Home cuisine" line is made using the unique production and package technology which until recently was available only for the solution of the problems of providing space stations and confidential army divisions with qualitative products.
This is new product line of the modern, 100% natural and ready-to-eat cream-soups, made of legumes and vegetables. The “Home Cuisine” products are made for those, who don’t want to waste their precious time and prefers natural home cooking. Nutrition and energy value
Proteins 3,0
Fats 4,0
Carbohydrates 11,0
kcal 90
kJ 390
Did you know that one of the most famous Halloween tradition - pumpkin carving - originated in Ireland? The Irish used to carve turnips and potatoes until they immigrated to America and discovered pumpkins.
Pumpkin is a highly nutrient-dense food. It is an excellent source of lutein, fibre, vitamins A, C, D, F, PP and zinc, all antioxidants that strengthen the immune system. Also it supports the eye health and improving gut health.
Net weight:
The "Home Cuisine" product line is manufactured using a unique production and packaging technology. This technology enables to preserve all the useful properties, keep is safe for a prolonged storage without freezing or using any synthetic preservatives or additives.