OJSC Urozhaynoye was established in 2002 and today is one of the most progressive agricultural enterprises in the South of Russia. The fields, storage and production facilities are located in the Novoaleksandrovsky district of Stavropol Krai. Which is one of the best territories with ecologically clean soil as well as good climate conditions.
Advanced technologies of cultivation, storage, and processing allows us to maintain high quality of fruits and vegetables, which are further used in production of natural and healthy snacks under the trademark “La Batata” and ready-to-eat soups, vegetables and beans under the trademark “Home Cuisine”.

In 2015 our company launched two innovative and unique production lines:
La Batata vegetable and fruit crisps” – are completely natural, healthy and tasty snacks that are made from fresh vegetables and fruits for those who like to crunch tasty and who want to eat healthy. Crispy veggie and fruit slices have outstanding flavor of real veggies and fruits, nice crunch and at the same time are absolutely natural and healthy product. We produce La Batata crisps only with basic ingredients and we do not use artificial colors, preservatives, flavor enhancers, GMO, gluten or palm oil. The unique technology allows not only to keep useful vitamins and minerals, but also to prevent carcinogens formation.
La Batata "Home cuisine" is the ready- to-eat vegetables, mushrooms, beans, and cream soups produced with unique technology which preserves nutrients as well as natural taste of vegetables, mushrooms and beans. For those who know the value of time and loves the natural taste of homemade food.

Технология производства

Our innovative production technology of the vegetable and fruit crisps was developed by our technologists and engineers and patented in more than 190 countries all over the world. We are not frying the product, like in production of potato chips. Production of La Batata crisps is based on a dehydration - extraction of water from fruits and vegetables at a temperature below 85-90 °C. This technology provides an impeccable taste of natural fruits and vegetables, and also preserves most of the nutrients and vitamins.
Advanced packaging technology of "Home cuisine" products ensures excellent taste of ready-to-eat vegetables and beans without the use of any preservatives or artificial additives. Our unique production and packaging technology until recently was available only for products made for space stations and special army forces. All vegetables used in production are grown on the fields of our company.

Схема производства

In 2017 our company have been accredited with international certificate of conformity FSSC 22000 ISO/TS 22002-1:2009 №15085-FSC-001RU. The high quality of our products is also confirmed within the system of voluntary certification of organic production. Registration № SV.P.RU.11.00716.
Our products regularly win awards, appreciation of experts and consumers acceptance at prestigious international food exhibitions. In particular, our vegetable crisps La Batata are recognized as "The best innovative product – 2016".
OJSC Urozhaynoye was rewarded as "The best enterprise of 2017" following the results of the international exhibition «Prodekspo-2017» in Moscow.
Our “Home Cuisine” products – cooked whole carrots and beans - won the gold medals in the "Innovations in Package, in Technology and Convenience of Consumption" nomination; cooked whole beet and beans in tomato sauce – won silver medals.
The crispy vegetable slices La Batata of pumpkin, turnip, beets, onions and mushrooms are awarded gold medals in “The Best Product of 2017” nomination. Country style potato and Potato Sticks – bronze medals.