Mareven products win gold awards in the Quality Assurance competition for the second year in a row

Mareven's products were once again awarded high awards at the international food quality competition "Quality Guarantee - 2022". This year, 19 product samples were sent to the competition. In addition to the traditionally participating brands Rollton and BIGBON, ACTIBO drinks were announced for the first time. As a result of a detailed study of the samples submitted for the competition, the company deservedly received 6 gold and 8 silver medals, as well as honorary diplomas.

The award is presented by the Federal Scientific Center for Food Systems. V. M. Gorbatov RAS with the support of the Federation Council Committee on Agrarian and Food Policy and Environmental Management, the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Industry and Trade since 2016 on the eve of World Quality Day.

The Mareven company was presented at the awards ceremony by Quality Director Mikhail Degterev, who accepted medals and diplomas from Oksana Kuznetsova, Director of the V. M. Gorbatov Federal Scientific Center for Food Systems. "We have been participating in the competition for more than a year, and we receive a fairly large number of awards. We are justifiably proud of our products, because they are always of high quality. We ourselves consume it, and we are not ashamed to offer it to others. We are glad that we find recognition from the outside professional and expert community and from retail chains. This competition is a good tool for the consumer and the seller, which can be used to find a quality and safe product, "says Mikhail.

The prestige of the competition is growing every year. In 2022, 949 product samples of all food categories were accepted for competitive research, which was carried out in 11 leading food industry research institutes. And in 2016, products from only 12 categories participated in the competition.

About company

"Mareven Food Central" is a trading and manufacturing company with 100% foreign investment, which specializes in the development, production and promotion of a wide range of food products. These are such popular brands as Rollton, BIGBON, Petra, Actibo drinks, as well as Mareven Professional Food, a professional culinary brand for the hospitality industry.

Press release provided by the press service of "Mareven Food Central" LLC