TURNIP vegetable crisps
fresh turnips
sunflower oil
starch syrup
Expiry date is 12 months
Vegetable crisps contain only natural ingredients, without fragrances, preservatives, intensifiers of taste. Production does not contain GMO, gluten and palm oil. The product is GMO, gluten and palm oil free.
The innovative production technology keeps useful substances, vitamins and excellent taste of vegetables.
The great part of the vegetables and fruits is grown on the private fields of the company in a pristine area in the South of Russia.
Nutrition and energy value
Nutrition facts, Calories, average values
(per 100g of the product)
Proteins 1,8
Fats 16,3
Carbohydrates 29
kcal 270
kJ 1130
Storage conditions: store in dry places at a temperature of +5°C to +25°C. After opening, store at a temperature of 15°C to 25°C and relative humidity of 40% to 60% for maximum 24 hours.

Turnip is nutritional vegetable. It contains vitamins C, B1, B2, B5, PP, pro-vitamin A (carotene). Turnip contains sulfur, cuprum, iron, manganese, zinc, magnesium, iodine, potassium, essential mustard oil, nitrogenous and anitrogenous substances, glucoraphanin.

Turnip even has passed into sayings, proverbs and fairy tales. And it is no coincidence. This heroine of folktale is a goldmine of useful substances and a unique product for healthy nutrition. It feeds an organism, energizes it and helps to get rid of many health problems.

Net weight:

The Western Asia is considered the homeland of turnip. It is one of the most ancient crop plants. Turnip was brought under cultivation about 40 centuries ago. Ancient Egyptians and Greeks cultivated turnip widely, but considered it food of slaves and the poorest peasants. In Ancient Rome baked turnip was already consumed by representatives of all classes. Thereafter the turnip was spread in Western Europe.